Taekwondo Teaches Kids Confidence, Discipline

Taekwondo for kidsSchool supplies. Shopping for new clothes. Meeting the new teacher. The start of a new school year might be exciting for kids, but it can be a hassle for adults.

That’s especially true when it comes to getting your kids back into the school-year routine. From Boca Raton to Coral Springs to Coconut Creek, parents everywhere struggle to help their kids regain their focus and mental clarity for the new school year.

But it’s not too late to do something about summer brain drain, even though the new school year is right around the corner. Taekwondo classes provide the perfect opportunity for your kids to get some structured activity during the summer while helping them improve their focus and concentration. That, in turn, carries over into the school year, with classes offered year-round.

Taekwondo teaches proper breathing techniques and the importance of positioning and forms. You also have to concentrate on each aspect of the art, from strikes to blocks to the fluid transitions between each move.

So how does this help your child prepare for classes and during the school year? Your child needs to be mentally alert from the beginning of Taekwondo class through its conclusion – and that discipline can’t help but carry through to other areas of life. In fact, the discipline of martial arts has proven so effective in channeling energy and focus, that some experts are recommending it as a viable treatment option for ADD and ADHD.

Taekwondo’s Other Benefits

Sure, it’s easy to stick your kid in front of the TV or Xbox all day. Keeping them active? That’s the real challenge. A martial arts class, though, will provide your child with an outlet in which he or she can learn a valuable skill set (self-defense) will expending that extra energy. It can also provide a much-needed boost to their confidence.

Help Prevent Bullying

Worried about exposing your kids to a potentially dangerous activity? You shouldn’t be with Taekwondo. Although your child will learn punches, kicks and blocks, the art focuses on respecting yourself and others and how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Taekwondo is an empowering art form that teaches kids valuable lessons along with self-defense techniques. These classes teach the skills necessary to prevent acts of bullying and unnecessary violence.

Compete Against Peers

Kids also have the opportunity to compete against other students who are in a similar level of training. As your child progresses through classes, he or she will learn to perfect the skills necessary to succeed in competitions. And, the competitions offer a unique opportunity to put those skills into action outside of the classroom while teaching them how to display grace and respect in either victory or defeat.

But your child doesn’t necessarily have to participate in competitions to gain the benefits of Taekwondo. Just taking the classes can have a lasting impact. Whether your child lacks concentration, struggles to adapt socially in school or simply lacks confidence, Taekwondo is the answer.


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