Why We Love Kickboxing (and You Should Too!)

Kickboxing, Final Round KickboxingYou know you should be participating in some sort of regular exercise. The problem is that, for one reason or another, you just aren’t doing what you know you should – and it’s probably taking a toll on your body and health. Maybe you’re just short on time and long on activity. Perhaps you simply don’t know how to structure a sensible workout. Or maybe you just don’t like the aerobics or yoga class at your gym.

Don’t fret. Your busy schedule or less than favorable experiences with past workout routines shouldn’t prevent you from trying something new: kickboxing.

Anyone Can Benefit From Kickboxing

For starters, kickboxing is fun, which is half the battle. You’re constantly engaged and moving with kickboxing, plus it can be structured to accommodate your current fitness level. In other words, your age and fitness level doesn’t matter; anyone can reap the benefits of a kickboxing class.

Furthermore, kickboxing is a full body workout. During a kickboxing class, you’ll throw punches, kicks, and knees while you work on your footwork and blocks. This type of movement will tax and tone your arms, chest, back, legs and core and will help you melt away any extra weight that might have accumulated during the time you were “too busy” to work out. It’s estimated that you could burn as many as 450 calories or more during a 60 minute kickboxing class.

Reduces Stress

Another great benefit of a kickboxing class is stress relief. Whether you’ve had a long and stressful day at the office, a crazy day with the little ones or an overloaded day at school, kickboxing can help alleviate all that built-up stress. Punching, kicking and kneeing a heavy bag is a great outlet that lets you burn off steam.

Just how effective are exercises like kickboxing when it comes to stress relief? As the Sports & Fitness Industry Association says, stress comes from situations in which the body produces adrenaline but has no way to work off that adrenaline. One of the best ways to relieve that stress? Exercise involving physical aggression, the website says.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination, Teaches Self Defense

You’ll also start to improve your hand-eye coordination, because you’ll learn how to hit a target with your hands and feet. This, of course, translates well to other sports, activities and hobbies. And since you’ll spend a lot of time standing on one leg, you’ll also improve your balance.

And finally, you’ll pick up valuable self defense tactics during a kickboxing class. While physical altercations are hardly the focal point, you’ll still learn how to accurately throw powerful punches, kicks and strikes that could prove valuable in a situation during which you were required to defend yourself.

Ultimately, any kind of exercise is better than no exercise – especially as you grow older. But finding the time or motivation is challenging. That’s why we love kickboxing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a workout that’s more effective at boosting your confidence, reducing your stress and reshaping your body.


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