Trick-Or-Treat: 5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips, Kids, Martial ArtsFor 364 days out of the year, parents preach safety and the dangers of talking (or accepting anything) from strangers. Then on Halloween? All that goes out the window.

Of course, it’s all in good fun. After all, it’s hard to beat the great weather and truckloads of candy you’ll find on Halloween in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas. But parents should still be mindful on this special day, especially if you have older children who don’t need (or want) parental supervision.

These tips should keep your kids safe this Oct. 31st:

  1. Set a Plan: Start with some pre-planning. Establish a route they’ll take, and make sure it includes areas and neighborhoods you know well and that are well-lit.
  2. Set a Schedule: Anytime your kids participate in something out of the normal routine, it’s important to set a firm schedule. If possible, make sure they carry a cell phone, and if the phone comes with a GPS tracker, take advantage of it.
  3. Be Bright: There is a good chance that your kids will be outside after the sun goes down on Halloween, so make sure they can be seen in the dark. Use brightly colored costumes, reflectors or reflective tape or have them wear or carry flashlights. This, of course, makes it much easier for drivers, cyclists and others on the road to see them coming.
  4. Hold Off on Eating Candy: It’s very tempting to have a bag full of candy by your side, but your kids need to understand not to indulge in treats until after you’ve inspected them. This allows you to make sure that they don’t eat anything that is open, that may have been tampered with or that may contain ingredients that they are sensitive or allergic to. (It also gives you a bit of control over exactly how much they eat so you can prevent stomach aches from over consumption). When in doubt, throw it away.
  5. Talk About Potential Dangers: Even though Halloween is a bit of an escape from the norm, you still need to talk about the importance of safe behaviors. They need to know that they shouldn’t go into a stranger’s house to get a treat and to avoid participating in dangerous (or potentially illegal) activities.

Where Martials Arts Enters the Picture

All this is made easier if your kids are involved in some form of martial arts, because it teaches your kids focus and awareness along with respect and discipline. This gives your kids the strength and sense to avoid the negative actions that are sometimes associated with Halloween (like smashing pumpkins, stealing decorations or damaging property).

Martial arts will also prepare your kids to deal with and diffuse conflict. They will learn self-defense tactics and the tools they need to peacefully end a situation before it escalates into something physical. Having these traits keeps your kids aware of their surroundings and able to identify and avoid potential dangers. This is important not only on Halloween, but all year long.

Classes are open right now, and there is still time for your kids to pick up on some very important life lessons before they head out to collect candy this Halloween. The benefits of martial arts don’t end there, though. Sign up today and see marked improvements in focus, attitude, balance and general fitness across all areas of your child’s life.


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