Is My Child Too Young to Start Practicing Taekwondo?

Taekwondo, Taekwondo for kids, Martial ArtsA big question that many parents face when looking for new activities for their kids revolves around the activity being age-appropriate. It can be tough for parents to fit more stuff into their already-busy schedules, so it helps to know that your child will both benefit from and enjoy an activity before making a long-term commitment.

What Do You Want Your Child to Gain?

When trying to figure out what direction to go with a new activity, it helps to start with what you really want to achieve. Does your child need help with confidence? Could he or she use a little more physical exercise? Has he or she had some problems focusing during classes in school? Additionally, have there been issues with bullies at school or on the playground?

Traditional team sports can provide some regular exercise and contribute to certain social skills; individual dance or ballet classes can help with flexibility and balance; and both of these avenues can contribute to a boost in confidence if your child excels. If you feel as though your child can benefit from a boost of confidence and improved focus – and you’d like them to have the tools to properly handle a bullying situation, you might want to consider a Taekwondo class.

How Young Is Too Young?

Different age groups will benefit from taking a martial arts class in different ways. Younger students will probably not develop the skillset required to move up in rank as quickly as very young students, but that doesn’t mean that younger students won’t reap their own rewards.

Children that are old enough to listen to instruction, and stay focused for the duration of an entire class, can benefit greatly from Taekwondo training. Kids who are either at or approaching school age (4-6) can thrive in a Taekwondo class, and pick up valuable life skills like focus, confidence, determination and respect for others, while their bodies become stronger and more flexible. Even better results can be achieved in learning environments where different age groups (including older siblings and even parents) are practicing martial arts together at the same time. And this is another big advantage for busy parents, since a “family” atmosphere in your martial arts school can provide an opportunity for the whole family (including you) to participate in an activity at the same time , which means less shuttling from place to place without anyone having to sacrifice.

In addition to having a host of great benefits that will help your young kids when it comes to school, there is another great feature of a Taekwondo class – it’s fun! Your son(s) and/or daughter(s) will be picking up these valuable skills and life lessons, all while having a great time in class. This keeps them from losing interest right away (as they may have with other attempts at new activities) and helps to ensure that they’ll keep reaping rewards for the long haul.


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