Getting Encouragement Down to an Art

Encouragment, Martial Arts, TaekwondoIf your child has issues with confidence, self-esteem or anxiety, a great way to help them overcome these trials is by giving them an activity that is both encouraging and empowering. There are plenty of ways to do this, but while many parents opt for sports for their boys and clubs for their girls, there’s one outlet that works for the majority of children regardless of background: martial arts.

Specific Fields of Assistance

As a parent, you may feel that you have a “problem child.” It’s difficult to give children with anger management issues, poor self-esteem or a habit of acting out the encouragement they need to overcome their problems with confidence and grace. According to, however, martial arts classes could be the key to calibrating your child’s development and giving them something of which both of you can be proud.

Martial arts can help you and your child address and overcome multiple issues:

  • Low self esteem. By giving your child a tangible skill that they can succeed in, with students their own age,
  • Anger management
  • Focus problems
  • Motor control

While there are plenty of other areas that a good martial arts class can assist in, these are the four that most parents are most concerned with. Taekwondo is an art of control and development, a meditative martial art not based on aggression but stability, specifically stability to withstand anything the word may throw at you both in and out of the ring.

By joining a taekwondo class, your child will learn to stand up for themselves, to trust others, and to keep going until they succeed—and that they can succeed to begin with. This provides children with the drive to keep moving forward, the encouragement to keep striving to do better, and the understanding of how to reach these goals. As a parent, it gives you the opportunity to support them in something that, while very physical, is designed far more for the betterment of the self than a class in self-defense.

Encouraging Confidence

As a parent, it can be difficult to know exactly how to support your child as they go through any sort of hard times; enrolling them in a martial arts course designed to build confidence and stability gives you a chance to cheer your child on, and know that the activity you’re supporting will always be constructive to their personal growth.

Taekwondo is a fighting art, so parents should always be aware of the possibility of injury, but as it’s based on taking control, these tend to be few and far between, particularly in training. The World Taekwondo Federation says that taekwondo is a philosophy unto itself, one that allows students to find a solution to any problem in an ever-changing world. There’s no better way to encourage your child to succeed than give them the sort of challenge that they overcome through self-control.

If your child has any of these issues—no matter how minor—it may be time to talk to them about starting a taekwondo class. This particular school of martial arts focuses on building leadership qualities, emotional stability, and helping children to grow up into the best adults they possibly can.


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