Get Your Kicks with These Celebrities

Kickboxing, martial artsKickboxing is more popular today than ever before, thanks in no small part to dramatic celebrity support. The number of famous faces with interest and skill in the art is staggering; it might surprise you that it’s primarily the women of glamour and entertainment that swear by the art for their health, fitness, and physical appearances. There are plenty of men that get in on the action too, of course, but this is definitely a female-dominated sport when it comes to celebrity testimonials.

Angelina Jolie

Angie first got into kickboxing some time ago, according to POPSUGAR Fitness, in preparation for her starring role in Tomb Raider. Eight months of rigorous training led her to be able to do most of her own stunts in the film, for which she still expresses excitement today. Since kickboxing provides a full-body cardio workout, it was an excellent choice for this star-studded ingénue—whether it was in Lara Croft’s game-inspired skill arsenal or not. Today, Angie maintains her body and her health with a mix of aerobic kickboxing, yoga, and chasing all her little ones around the house all day. Proof that you really can have it all!

Matthew McConaughey

This Oscar winning actor uses kickboxing to stay in shape, keep his confidence up and always be ready for his next role. Since McConaughey has performed in everything from romantic comedies to tragic dramas, he always has to be ready to change his look. By keeping himself in optimal shape, it’s easy to lose, gain and redistribute weight as needed for a given role. Kickboxing also gives his workouts a solid structure from week to week, which is an absolute must for any man with a busy schedule—famous or not.

Carmen Electra

In 2012, the Daily Mail reported on Carmen Electra working out—and being put through her paces—by Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey. The former Baywatch star uses her training sessions to maintain the body that made her famous to begin with, and anyone who looks at her can tell that it’s certainly paid off. Since kickboxing promises an excellent cardio workout, it’s great for more than just keeping up appearances, making sure that the entertainment world will have this buxom beauty in optimal health for years to come.

Queen Latifah

The Queen loves her curves, it’s true, but she also loves staying fit in a fun way. Queen Latifah got into kickboxing a couple weeks before a big show some years ago, and never looked back. The sport gives her more energy, confidence, and can work around her busy schedule while simultaneously being tailored to her lifestyle.

Sarah Michelle Geller

While it won’t come as a great surprise to many, the face of Joss Whedon’s beloved Buffy television series wasn’t just playing when she fought those vampires down. Gellar is a pro-level kickboxer thanks to years of training both on and off the set, allowing her to dispense with stunt doubles and maintain her youthful looks for years past the end of the series.

Kickboxing offers a huge plethora of health benefits, both physical and mental, so it’s not surprise that the stars on in on it. Maintaining the good looks that most roles require and the health that these busy celebrities literally can’t live without isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it; this is one sport that makes it plenty of fun, too.


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