5 Reasons It’s Never Too Late to Start Taekwondo

Taekwondo, Martial ArtsTaekwondo is one of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world. It actually has the best reputation as being one of the safest martial arts to practice. This is probably because the sport is very organized and some of the classes are held in fun and social set ups. This is also probably the reason why a lot of parents choose to enroll their kids to Taekwondo more than any other types of martial arts.

That is a big positive for Taekwondo, but it also brought a bit of a problem. While it is true that this martial arts is great for kids, the prevalence of children in the practice lead to adults thinking that it’s only for kids. When asked why they are not enrolling in Taekwondo classes when their children are, the typical answers are “I’m too old to start” or “it’s just for kids,” both of which are false.

As one of the safest martial arts to learn, you can safely start even if you are an adult. And while you are learning some nifty kicks, you are also taking advantage of some excellent benefits. 

It Helps You Age Better

It is a given that practicing at least one type of sport has a very big impact on your physical health and that sport can be the art of Taekwondo. But more than just that, did you know that the sport can help you age better? In a study conducted by Dr. Jan Lodder, he found that there are a lot of health benefits to practicing Taekwondo that can help you as you age. The training helps you maintain better balance and marked improvement of cognitive and mental speed functions. 

It Helps You Become a Better Person

Training for Taekwondo is more than just about learning how to throw a proper punch or kick. To be able to fully grasp the skills, you also have to live through its tenets, which are:

  • Ye loo (courtesy)
  • Yom shee (integrity)
  • In nae (perseverance)
  • Geuk gee (self control)
  • Baekjul boolgool (indomitable spirit)

These characteristics do not only make you a better martial artists, they also help you to become a better person. 

It Helps You Focus and Stay Positive During Adversities

While Taekwondo is fun, it also requires a lot of hard work. There are specific skills and goals to be learnt and achieved if you want to progress. This will challenge your persistence and instill the value of working hard to overcome difficulties and adversities. 

It Helps You Expand Your Comfort Zone Safely

Doing something you have no idea about can be overwhelming. Some people stay within what’s comfortable, while other people try to expand their comfort level too much that they end up hurting themselves. Taekwondo offers a balance between the two. Practicing this martial arts is challenging enough to get you out of your comfort zone but still safe enough that the risk of you hurting yourself seriously is very low. 

It Helps You Defend Yourself

At the end of the day, Taekwondo is a form of martial arts that teaches you how you can defend yourself. While no one wants anyone to get into a fight, there are unexpected situations that might require you to defend yourself or other people. Training in Taekwondo at least gives you a fighting chance at both.


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