Improving Grades Through Taekwondo

TaekwondoSchool is coming back into session and the worries about your child’s grades come rushing back. Does your child have issues with focus in the classroom? Is homework at home a nightmare to get through because your child is too distracted or gets upset when being forced to do it? You aren’t the only parent out there worrying about these things and looking for ways to help your child.

Martial arts, like taekwondo, added into your child’s weekly activities is a good way to help improve grades and performance in school. We’ll go over just a few of the ways martial arts and taekwondo can help your child focus in class and stay on top of their assignments.

One of the growing problems in classrooms today is the lack of physical activity through the school day to offset the time spent sitting still in class. Taekwondo is one good way to give them the physical activity they require, leading to a better ability to stay focused while in the classroom.

Taekwondo and martial arts teaches children to have better mental focus. One of the first things children are taught in taekwondo is focus and stance. The point is to teach them to block out distractions. This translates well into the classroom, making the children better able to ignore the distractions of other kids and keep their minds from wandering away from the school work.

This same technique of focus also helps your child relax and builds happiness. They feel calmer and better able to deal with the stressors of life and school. A child that might have a tendency to meltdown over stressors, such as having to do homework when all they want to do is play, could be helped greatly by the techniques taught in taekwondo.

The physical activity and mental focus in martial arts and taekwondo can also help children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) do better in school. By strengthening neural networks inside the child’s brain, a child with ADD is better able to practice the self control they usually lack.

Taekwondo teaches children respect for their instructors, which can lead to better respect for other authority figures such as teachers at school and principals, as well as more respect for their parents.

Another thing taekwondo teaches children is social interaction and teamwork. Children must work together in a dojo to train and work towards their next level or belt. This leads them to see that working together, whether at the dojo, home, or at school, gets more done as well as giving them rewards they might have missed out on if they fought or refused to.

Studies about the links between taekwondo and academic success show that students in taekwondo programs have better cognitive function and higher levels of intelligence. They also show high self sufficiency, making it easier for them to stay focused and work at better rates with higher success.

With all of these benefits, it shows that enrollment in taekwondo can only help your child’s chance of success. Take a proactive stance and get your child active in a dojo today. Every parent wants to best for their child and to see them succeed in academics, career, and life. Give your child a head start with these tools.


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