Taekwondo Parenting: Foundations of Success

Taekwondo Parenting

You’ve entered your child in Taekwondo classes, but for your child to succeed and thrive you need to be actively involved in their lives. Parenting changes with the times, and sometimes it’s hard to know what approach to take and how to parent without falling into an unhealthy dynamic with your child. Lay the foundations of success as an involved and active parent, and learn how to avoid some of the more common pitfalls. We’ve written on this site about young people learning to be leaders, but right now we need to talk to parents.

By becoming a parent, you have taken on the role of a leader, but more than a leader you are the primary formative influence in your child’s life. With so many societal pressures, it’s understandable that you might be having a hard time deciding how to fill that role as your children grow. It is entirely normal to have doubts. You want to raise a child who can do confidently into the world, but at the same time you want to keep them away from the many evils and dangers that the world can hold. By entering your child in Taekwondo, you are giving them a great start in gaining true confidence and true leadership skills.

We know it can be hard to step back and let the learning process kick in. You want to protect your child, but at the same time, you want them to learn valuable attributes that will serve them throughout their childhood and adolescence, and into their adult lives. What your children learn here will even carry over into the time when they become parents themselves.

So Why Not Join Them?

The best leaders lead by example and the perception of leadership is changing, not only in the business world, but in parenting. Taekwondo doesn’t only give your child confidence and leadership skills, but it can help you learn these skills too – and thus be a better parent. You’ve all seen the stereotype of the “sports parent” who is living vicariously through their child, saying that they are pushing the child to succeed, then staking a claim to their child’s success, and then taking credit for their victories as a great parent. They never allow the child to experience failure, to understand the learning process, or to own their experiences.

It is understood that parents live busy lives, working to provide for their families. We respectfully remind parents that children have busy lives as well. Growing up, going to school, and learning to become adult members of society is their job, and it can be a very difficult one. Quality time with each other as a family can be hard to come by, with so many busy lives, but for that very reason, it is to be sought after, valued, and treasured. Time together learning and growing together is one of the most valuable experiences that you can have with your child. We think that it’s worth the time, and so will they.



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